what it is ...

printer++ ENTERPRISE is a client-server architecture that allows a central place for printer++ processor updates. Using Click-once deployment, you can update the printer++ processor from the printer++ SERVER side and the updated printer++ processor dlls gets downloaded to the printer++ CLIENT side automatically. You can also implement additional server side processing such as logging, data lookups, or workflow triggers.

the idea ...

Problem: I have 20 workstations with printer++ installed. The printer++ processor is looking up data in a database and merging this with the printed page. The database table schema just changed. I created a new printer++ processor solution and have to manually deploy to the 20 workstations.

printer++ ENTERPRISE Solution:

Deploy the printer++ processor dll on the printer++ SERVER and click-once deployment will download the printer++ processor dll to the workstation once a user uses printer++ the next time.

real client screnario ...

A healthcare client wants to be able to use a legacy system to capture some patient demographics, print out different reports according to the user role that’s logged on (e.g. a nurse sees a set of printouts, a doctor sees another set of printouts) and at the same time log who is printing the reports. Because printer++ just shows up as a “printer” in the workstation, the user just have to print the page where the patient demographics is in the legacy system. printer++ captures the user that’s logged on and send that data along with the page to printer++ SERVER for processing. printer++ SERVER have server-side printer++ processor that process the user login and determines the set of reports accordingly.


if you think about it ...

Fine, you can do quick solutions with printer++ for every system that is needed. You can have multiple printer++ icons on the client’s printer directory. You can leverage printer++ ENTERPRISE to manage updates for your printer++ processors on the clients. But printer++ ENTERPRISE gives you more. It allows you to also move all your “business logic” to the printer++ SERVER. In effect, you just deploy one printer++ CLIENT icon on the client’s printer directory. Any pages printed to that one printer++CLIENT gets sent to printer++ SERVER for processing. printer++ SERVER determines the workflow based on the “page” that’s get sent to it. So the next time a new printer++ solution that is created for a new system coming in, you just deploy your printer++ processor solution on the printer++ SERVER. Then for the user, it is as simple as JUST PRINT IT.

you now have ...

  1. power to extend 3rd party software
  2. centralized “business logic”
  3. ease of maintenance
  4. a user friendly approach – JUST PRINT IT